How to Use Printable Stencils for Your Art Collection

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One of the most underrated artistic tools (and one that’s rarely considered) is the stencil. Printable stencils have a diverse range of uses, across different mediums and canvases. From painting stencils and number stencils to scrapbooking and even airbrush designs, stencils offer a wealth of artistic designs for those with a creative eye.

Christmas Branding Ideas

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society. As a result of demand, brands are desperately trying to stand out on the market, from vicious competition, to make people chose them over the festive period. At Steve Wood Services we’d recommend using popular or widespread events, such as Christmas, as opportunities to market your business in a new way. Here are some… Read more »

5 Typography Tips For Your Brand

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All brands need to start from somewhere and that somewhere lies with the perfect brand name, a strong logo, and good typography. Making sure all of your branding material and promotional marketing resources are clear and concise comes down to the typography used. After you’ve decided on your typefaces and structure, our screen printing and… Read more »

4 Pantone Colour Matching Projects

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Understanding the importance of colour in marketing and branding will help your brand become the best it can be. The Pantone Matching System (PMS) has been put to use by a large number of companies in a variety of industries. These special and creative colour matching projects caught our eye though. We can provide you… Read more »

5 Tips For Creating The Perfect Brand Name

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Creating a brand from scratch can be tough but getting the right name is possibly the hardest step. The name will tell a lot about your brand so consider who you are, what you want to say, and how you want your brand to be received.  Once you have the name sorted, our screen printing… Read more »

4 Ways To Get Ink Stains Out Of Clothing

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Ink is an essential part of screen printing but getting ink on your clothing can be a nightmare. At Steve Wood Services our products, where possible, comply with our environmental policy to avoid using damaging chemicals such as chlorinated hydrocarbons, making them better quality and safer. Don’t let your masterpiece ruin your clothing with these… Read more »

Lino Printing Supplies UK

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Screenprinting is not the only form of stencil art. Lino-printing allows you to create a specific moulded stencil in order to produce patterns or images. At Steve Wood Services we provide a variety of inks suitable for lino-printing. Learn more about lino-printing below.

The Importance of Colour in Marketing and Branding

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When you’re starting up a business or website you need to think carefully about your branding. The colours you choose will affect the image portrayed to an audience. Knowing how to decide on a colour scheme that is right for you and the purpose of your business is essential. We understand colour at Steve Wood… Read more »

The history of ink

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The use of ink is almost as old as civilisation itself. For thousands of years, humans have been using ink to relay messages and document history. However, before history could be documented, ink had to be developed. Find out how ink was developed by three autonomous communities and how ancient ink paved the way for… Read more »