Our 9 ‘Must-Follow’ Design and Print Design Blogs

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We’re always on the lookout for new and interesting voices and insights from the design world. Whether it’s actionable tips for designers as they attempt to move forward with their portfolio, or just some great design hints and editorials, these are our ten must follow design and print design blogs.   1. Print   This… Read more »

The Varied Uses and Benefits of Permaset Inks

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Originally, in the screen printing industry, there was a trade off between the levels of printability performance on the screen and the post-production quality of the finished product. However, Permaset inks have revolutionised the industry by developing water-based screen-printing and textile inks with no compromise. With most screen printing inks traditionally using plastisols for their… Read more »

How Does the Human Eye Process Colour

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The human eye and brain work together to translate light into the colours we perceive around us every day. The eye’s light receptors transmit messages to the brain to produce our everyday world.

Why Band Merchandise is More Important than Ever

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As a source of revenue, and as a way to build up and advertise your brand, music merchandise has always been important to aspiring bands and artists. Music is closely tied-in to an individual’s identity, and hoodies and t-shirts allow your fans to align themselves to part of a greater subculture and identify each other… Read more »

Tips for Making the Most of Your Fabric Painting

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When you decide to paint fabric with fabric paint, the most important thing to know is that it’s not meant to be removed. This can be a problem if you make a mistake, as there’s no way to undo it. This is why you should be aware not only of what you’re painting, but everything… Read more »

The Origins of Printing- Part 2

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Our last blog finished with the invention of the Gutenberg press. As well as serving as a catalyst for the Reformation and vastly increasing literacy rates throughout Europe, the Gutenberg press was a world-changing invention for everything print related. His technique of making moveable type is still not entirely clear. He was definitely familiar with… Read more »

The Origins of Printing- Part 1

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In 21st century Britain, printing is as easy as a click of a mouse. We can see printing all around us, from the letters we receive and the books we read, to t-shirt designs and billboards. The production of mass printing facilities has come a long way over the centuries to provide us with the… Read more »