Why Band Merchandise is More Important than Ever

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As a source of revenue, and as a way to build up and advertise your brand, music merchandise has always been important to aspiring bands and artists. Music is closely tied-in to an individual’s identity, and hoodies and t-shirts allow your fans to align themselves to part of a greater subculture and identify each other… Read more »

7 Things to Remember When Designing a T-Shirt

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The concept of designing your own t-shirt is pretty awesome, whether you’re an illustrator, designer, or just want something unique to wear at a party. The process can be a bit daunting, however, so to help you design your own t-shirt, we have 10 simple tips for designing your own t-shirts easier.

How to Prepare Artwork for T-Shirt Printing

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Graphic prints for T-shirts can make quite the impression. Today fashion designers the world over are consistently evolving in terms of a sense of style. This is evident season after season when the latest designs are showcased from leading fashion designers. From bespoke designs to reproduction prints for a wealth of consumers to enjoy, t-shirt… Read more »

Six ways to re-use old t-shirts

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If you like to experiment with t-shirt printing and design, then you no doubt have tonnes of old t-shirts cluttering your cupboards and home. But before you go ahead and throw them out, why not think about these six ways you can reuse your old tees.

6 tips you need to read if you’re starting your own clothing range

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Starting your own business is exciting, starting something creative is even more so. Imagine your designs on t-shirts and hoodies everywhere! However the old adage still rings true, fashion is fickle. Starting your own business is tough but if you’ve got a good idea, you’re passionate and you’re determined then you can succeed.