Christmas Branding Ideas

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society. As a result of demand, brands are desperately trying to stand out on the market, from vicious competition, to make people chose them over the festive period. At Steve Wood Services we’d recommend using popular or widespread events, such as Christmas, as opportunities to market your business in a new way. Here are some… Read more »

5 Typography Tips For Your Brand

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All brands need to start from somewhere and that somewhere lies with the perfect brand name, a strong logo, and good typography. Making sure all of your branding material and promotional marketing resources are clear and concise comes down to the typography used. After you’ve decided on your typefaces and structure, our screen printing and… Read more »

5 Tips For Creating The Perfect Brand Name

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Creating a brand from scratch can be tough but getting the right name is possibly the hardest step. The name will tell a lot about your brand so consider who you are, what you want to say, and how you want your brand to be received.  Once you have the name sorted, our screen printing… Read more »

How to create an eye catching poster design

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Shimon Schmueli, the founder of design consultancy Touch 360 said “Design is art optimized to meet objectives”. There’s a lot of wisdom in those words. Commercial design wants us to feel and act in specific ways while remaining aesthetically pleasing.