Creating a brand from scratch can be tough but getting the right name is possibly the hardest step. The name will tell a lot about your brand so consider who you are, what you want to say, and how you want your brand to be received.  Once you have the name sorted, our screen printing and ink supplies at Steve Wood Services can be used to create your perfect logo and marketing material.




Do your research

Before you decide on a brand name you need to do some thorough research. Brainstorm a number of ideas and take to the web to check on their availability and usability. Do a Google search of each potential name to see if the results show existing businesses using that name or a similar one. The last thing you want is to launch a new company to find someone has already got your name.


A brand name needs to be exclusive so that when people search for your company they will be easily directed to your information. With digital marketing becoming ever more important, creating a business without an online platform is near impossible. Check the availability of the domain name and stick to .com, or .org extensions. Don’t forget to do a search of social media websites and think about how you could incorporate your brand into a hashtag on Twitter.




Look to your competitors

Another starting point is to research your competitors. Although your business should offer criteria for a unique service there will still be companies doing similar things. Make a note of relevant brand names and avoid anything that is too similar. They may all share something in common though which you can choose to steer clear of or use as inspiration for your own brand name.


Make it simple

In the bid to stand out from the crowd many companies fall flat by creating overly complicated or creative brand names. The most important advice is to have something that is easy to pronounce, spell and memorise. Try misspelling your brand name to see if any rude or inappropriate words stem from it as it is best to stay as far away from these as possible!


It has been noted too that brand names made up of real words are recalled at a higher rate than those existing from made-up words. This can be flexible though so by all means think outside the box but don’t stray too far into obscurity!


Relate it to your service

Your area of expertise, products, or a technicality of your service may inspire a brand name. Think about how you might incorporate what it is that you plan to do or provide. The target audience may be another area you could use to think around for a name. Brands that hint at their business make them both memorable and develop a more reliable name, reflective of the strength of service.




Have a logo in mind

If your brand name does not fully capture the essence of your business, the way it is incorporated into your logo and marketing campaign must provide a solid link back. Brand name and logo largely go hand-in-hand so a strong logo will help people identify your business. It is no lie that people often recall imagery clearer than words or names. Make a significant connection between the two; a brand name that can be symbolised as an object is a particularly successful way of creating the perfect brand name.


Learn more about how best to start up your business by looking through our blog. Colour is another key factor you need to consider when creating a brand name and logo. At Steve Wood Services we can make the right colour for you with our colour matching service. Contact us today for more information.