Suncoat Mesh Treatment Products

Suncoat Chemicals include several products which have been formulated with ever increasing environmental awareness in mind. Ways are continuously being researched into manufacturing products with reduced environmental impact.

Emulsifiable Screenwashes

Suncoat Emulsifiable Screenwashes have been specially formulated for the removal of ink residues prior to the application of stencil strip. These can be used in conjunction with Alkaline Paste or Haze Remover to assist in stain removal. It should, however be stated that direct discharge to drainage may not be acceptable to the water authorities. Customers should check with the relevant authority.

Emulsifiable Screen Washes


Contains no cyclohexanone and as such is a “cleaner” product, whilst still retaining good solvent power. It should, however be stated that it’s direct discharge to drainage may not be acceptable to the water authorities.

YC20700 EM

This Product is a Hazard Label Free emulsifiable screenwash, based on natural products, which is virtually fully biodegradable whilst retaining excellent performance. It contains no VOC’s which makes it more environmentally friendly. It’s acceptability for discharge to drains should be checked with your local authority.
It’s also very useful in removing those oil stains off your concrete drive, but don’t use it on tarmac because it moves that as well!

Hydrosolve YC935

A screen cleaning product which is used diluted with water, especially suitable for UV and plastisol inks. It is also Hazard Label free. It has been developed for application by hand and in automatic screen washing units, produces little foam and can be used in combination with Easyclean Concentrated Stencil Stripper to clean and de-coat screens in one operation. It’s acceptability for discharge to drains should be checked with your local authority.

Stencil Removers

Suncoat stencil removers have been formulated to facilitate the decoating of direct, direct/indirect and capillary action photo stencils from all synthetic meshes. The products used suit the preferences if the individual user and, at usage strength are environmentally acceptable, however one should check with the local water authority before discharging to the drains

YC28 Concentrated Strip Liquid

is diluted with water at 1:20, but will often work at dilutions of up to 1:40 ! Very economical to use.

YC14 Diasolve Strip Liquid

A ready to use strip liquid

YC175 Diasolve Strip Paste

is a ready to use gel which will cling to the mesh whilst working

Easyclean Stencil Treatment system

Combining the effects of ink removal, stencil removal and degreasing, this new two part product is hazard label free, biodegradeable, VOC –free, and virtually odour free! Furthermore it is actually diluted 50/50 with water before use! Very effective and time saving, a dirty screen from the press room is converted to a clean, de-greased, stencil-ready screen in one operation

Mesh Preparation Products

YC155 Alkaprep Paste

is designed for both the removal of stubborn stains in used screens, and for the degreasing of new screens, and may used with an emulsifiable screenwash as a ghost image or haze remover. As a strong caustic paste it is also useful for stripping paint and varnish from wooden furniture, but please be careful when using and hosing off

C135 Stainaway LV

A low caustic, low viscosity, bleach based stain remover suitable for the removal of UV ink stains, both conventional and water based. It can be applied either by brush or stainless steel coating troughs and may be used in conjunction with emulsifiable screen washes. Best left to dry on the mesh, at room temperature, but not in a drying cabinet. Very Good!

Haze Free Liquid

A low odour, single component stain remover designed to remove both ink and diazo staining without the need for post drying.

C1215 Mesh Cleanser

is a mesh preparation product combining efficient de-greasing with uniform wetting of all meshes from coarse to superfine. Essential for enabling even transfer of capillary films, and enhancing the adhesion of film/emulsion and direct systems. Particularly good for removing road haze from the outside of windscreens, just wipe over using cloth moistened with C1215 for a clearer view of the road ahead!

SunCoat Degreaser Concentrate

A highly active pre-treatment compound for degreasing polyester, nylon and stainless steel fabrics, either by manual application or in automatic reclaiming/cleaning machines.

ULANO Mesh Treatment Products

No23 Roughening / Degreasing Gel

An abrasive degreaser gel that combines the actions of No2 & No3 products. The abrasion of the mesh promotes better wetting of the fabric and adhesion of stencils of all types. I personally don’t favour this rather old fashioned treatment as current meshes are treated to promote adhesion, and roughening the threads can increase mesh staining.

No25 All Mesh Prep

A ready to use liquid mordant that promotes mesh water retention and thus uniform adhesion of capillary films

Stencil Production

Here are some of the many emulsions available from Suncoat, Murakami and Ulano. There are many more for specialised applications available. Please ask if you have specific requirements

Suncoat Emulsions

Horizon Emulsion

Suncoat Horizon emulsion is a dual cure product with high solids content, capable of producing stencils of the highest quality. It should be used where high definition and resolution are required. It is suitable for most solvent and UV ink systems including most water based products

2000 Emulsion.

Easy to use, high solids content, fast exposing, dual cure emulsion with excellent latitude, edge definition and resolution.

Vista Plus

A dual cure emulsion capable of product photo-stencils of an extremely high quality, it should be used where high definition and resolution are required and is recommended for four colour process printing.

Murakami Emulsions And Films

Murakami One Pot C2 Emulsion

One Pot C2 is a PVA – SBQ patented pure photopolymer direct emulsion. specially formulated for solvent based and UV ink systems. A high specification emulsion, it produces excellent high quality stencils with superlative edge definition.

Murakami One Pot WR Emulsion

One Pot WR is a PVA – SBQ patented pure photopolymer direct emulsion. specially formulated for waterbased, solvent based and UV ink systems. A similar high specification emulsion to Type C, it produces excellent high quality stencils with superlative edge definition.

Murakami Aquasol TS Emulsion.

Murakami Aquasol TS is the premier textile emulsion. This fast exposing emulsion creates durable sharp stencils for any ink system, including water base and discharge. Can be hardened with the addition of diazo and application of Murakami hardeners. Its fine resolution and sharp emulsion shoulder create excellent detailed prints.

Murakami Photocure SR

Photocure SR is a fast exposing graphic emulsion with excellent 1:1 reproduction of the art image. It has good image contrast for easy press set up. It can be used on large format, industrial graphics and electronics printing.

Murakami Capillary Films.

Murakami manufacture pure photopolymer capillary and capillary / emulsion films. These are non shrink and reproduce the finest detail. The nature of a capillary film allows precise control of ink deposit ensuring the highest definition. The 20-100 micron films produce the finest detail as demanded by electronic component manufacture. The range of MS Thick-film are used to produce high deposit prints as used in the garment industry for producing 3D plastisol images.

Ulano Films and Emulsions

Ulano Indirect System Films

Ulano indirect films offer superior fine detail reproduction with sharp printing edges, uniform stencil thickness, easy removal, and predictable exposures.
The range of Photographic Films includes

Pulsar Indirect

Sadly now obsolete! It was a good product, but didn’t sell enough.

Other Ulano Indirect Films

Well established range of (developer) indirect films including Red TI, Blue Poly, Super-Prep and Hi-Fi Green. Please ask for detailed information

Ulano Direct Film Capillary Film System

Ulano CDF films are simple to use, adhere and develop with water only, give excellent mesh bridging. The flat bottomed stencils with consistent thickness and sharp shoulders give excellent definition.

CDF Vision

A development of the original conventional diazo sensitised films for use with mild solvent based inks. Excellent definition! Not for use with water based inks Available in a range of thicknesses from 15 to 35 micron

CDF Lexar

Fast exposing photopolymer films for use with all solvent based inks.
Wide exposure latitude, and excellent definition.
Available in 15 to 50 micron thicknesses.

Ulano Direct Emulsions

Ulano field a veritable armoury of all types of emulsions which would take up many pages to describe fully. A selection of these is detailed below but for further information please contact our office.

925 WR emulsion

An ever popular diazo emulsion for water based and Plastisol inks. Very wide exposure latitude and works with all sorts of exposure equipment

QT Emulsion

A new diazo based emulsion for use with water based inks, water dyes, and plastisols. They produce stencils with excellent definition, good resolution, with good mechanical and water resistance. It is also resistant to discharge inks, either Plastisol or water based


A diazo-photopolymer (dual-cure) emulsion formulated to provide unequalled exposure latitude and ease of decoating. Its high solids content (37%) provides better stencil build per coat, excellent bridging of coarse mesh, and fast drying. Proclaim has superb coating properties and durability, and is resistant to a wide variety of solvent-based inks, as well as water-based UV. Proclaim is very suitable for general purpose graphics, textile, and industrial applications. Latitude, resolution, and edge definition are excellent, which makes it ideal for fine line and halftone printing.


is a ready to use one component photopolymer emulsion for fine detail and halftone graphics printing with solvent inks. High solids content gives excellent edge definition and resolution.

New Autotype Products Available Through Steve Wood Services


PLUS 2000

PLUS 2000 is a high quality, 34% solids diazo dual-cure emulsion for general purpose Screen Printing applications. The fast exposure speed makes PLUS 2000 excellent for use on large format screens or with a low powered UV light source.
Features:High print quality, medium/high solids, resistant to solvent based and UV curing inks, fast exposure and quick washout, wide exposure latitude, easily decoatable, direct addition diazo.
Benefits:Ideal for high volume production where rapid stencil production is paramount.
Applications: PLUS 2000 is particularly recommended for applications where rapid stencil production and wide processing latitude is required, along with good print durability, print quality, and easy removal after printing.

PLUS 7000

PLUS 7000 is a very high quality, medium/high solids emulsion that is resistant to both water and solvent based inks.
Features: Very high print quality, 34% solids. Deep blue/green colour provides excellent colour contrast without compromising see-through. The diazo dual-cure photochemistry used provides exceptional resistance to solvent based, water based and UV curable inks. The good water resistance also means that PLUS 7000 can be used in areas of high humidity with no softening. Although universally resistant PLUS 7000 can also be decoated using Autostrip.
Benefits: Easy and forgiving to use, very good print definition, very tough, can be used with virtually any ink and can be decoated after printing.
Applications: PLUS 7000 is particularly recommended for applications where good print durability, print quality and easy removal after printing is required, such as: Containers, Glass, Posters, Printed Circuit Boards and Self Adhesive Decals


PLUS TX is a high quality, 45% solids, pigmented aqueous emulsion of water soluble dispersible polymers and monomers, supplied with diazo powder sensitiser.
Features: Fantastic coating quality and fast drying even on poorly prepared screens. Often one coat is sufficient!
Dark blue in colour provides a good contrast. The emulsion is highly flexible to prevent cracking when over printing stitched seams. Diazo dual cure sensitizers delivers extreme toughness.
Benefits: A truly universal emulsion for printers as can be used with all popular textile inks – plastisol, solvent based, discharge, and water based. An emulsion that is tough, reliable and very easy to use that delivers
consistent results.
Applications: PLUS TX direct photostencil emulsion is suitable for most textile screen printing applications, but you should try it as a graphics emulsion!
PLUS TX is particularly recommended for applications where the very highest print durability and print quality is required; this includes the use of aggressive Textile discharge inks and other extreme printing environments, while remaining reclaimable after printing

Screen Fillers

Suncoat Slow Fry Filler

An excellent economical blue filler with excellent resistance to all solvents. It is easy to apply and bridges all mesh counts with a robust block out with good abrasion resistance. It washes out easily with water.

Fast Dry Filler

Fast dry filler leaves a tough flexible film resistant to all solvent based inks. It adheres well to indirect film systems, and removes easily with water.

Unifil Red Filler

A universal filler for solvent and water based ink usage. Removes easily with stencil strip products.

Ulano No10 Extra Heavy Blockout

A thicker water soluble blockout for one coat coverage,
especially useful on coarse meshes. Only for solvent and plastisol based inks.

Emulsion Hardener

Post Hardener

Applied to direct emulsions after development, it hardens and improves durability of water resistant stencils.
(Use of this product to strengthen the stencil, could mean that you have to say goodbye to that mesh! Contact us to have the screen re-stretched!)

Miscellaneous Screen-Making Sundries

Assembly / Montage / Layout Film

We stock this product in rolls of 1.02x25mtr x 0.01 mm but roll width of 1.22m is available to order. We also stock cut sheets where there is a regular use of a particular size. Usually comes in “standard sizes” but can be cut to any size without penalty. Please ask. Cut sheets may be subject to a minimum order, which may be less than you expect.

Coating Troughs

Extruded aluminium coating troughs made to any length, within reason! Easy to use and handle. Spare end caps available as well.

Exposure Equipment Bulbs

We did stock 500w 250v linear quartz camera (do you remember what that was?) lamps, but can get nearly any lamp, UV, Metal Halide, Mercury Vapour, etc. for exposure or curing equipment, usually within 24hrs, often at a better price than the equipment manufacturer.

Gauntlet Gloves

Elbow length heavy duty gloves for extra protection when using chemicals and solvents. Also useful for protection when doing other less pleasant jobs!

Masking Films

Amber masking films are available in rolls of widths1.12 m in lengths of 10 meters

Mesh Brushes

Superior synthetic bristled brushes with generous square head to effectively carry sufficient product to screen. Soft bristles are very effective in all mesh processing operations. Now available coloured to reduce possibility of cross contamination of reagents (as long as operative is not colour-blind)

3M Magic Tape

“Invisible” adhesive tape. It’s matt finish means that when used for assembly of possi’s it is much less likely to show on the screen. Available in 12/19/25 mm width rolls of 66m

New Screens

New screens in aluminium or wood, stretched in a mesh of your choice! Rapid turnround, often as quick as 48 hours! Competitive pricing as well!

Screen Drying Cabinets

Horizontal cupboards of a range of sizes, with adjustable racking inside upon which to dry your screens in the optimum temperature and airflow conditions. Available with illuminated tops for layout and spotting out purposes. Expensive on floor space but a really worthwhile investment. A well chosen one will speed up your stencil processes no end, and will soon pay for itself.

Screen Exposure Equipment

We are pleased to be associated with the top manufacturers of screenprinting equipment in the UK. The full range of Sureprint, Natgraph and Kippax equipment can be supplied. Catalogues of this equipment available on request.

Screen Re-Stretching

Your screen frames re-covered to your specification with top quality fabrics. Low Extension fabrics now available. New screen frames also easily available in aluminium or wood. Door to Door collection and delivery service available at minimal cost. Rapid turnaround time often as fast as 48 hours!

Stencil Development Booths

Made with galvanised steel or other chemical resistant materials. Backlit to enable viewing of developing image. Available in a wide range of sizes. Can be supplied as booth alone, or as a complete screen washing facility, with or without vapour extraction facility.

Washout Booths

Made with galvanised steel or other chemical resistant materials, available in a wide range of sizes Can be supplied as booth alone, or as a complete screen washing facility, with or without vapour extraction facility.