A Series

A range of high gloss oxidation drying inks for printing on a wide range of hard surfaces including metals, wood, etc. Used in the production of display panels, nameplates, signs etc. can be stoved, makes it damned hard!

Toucan 67-00

Two pack epoxy curing inks with excellent adhesion to a wide range of materials, often when all else fails!
We have available many other specialty inks for all sorts of substrates. I’m not listing them here as I don’t want to spend even more hours typing them in. For oddball applications please ask, advice is free, mistakes cost!

UVGS Series

UV curing ink system specifically designed for printing on sheet glass for internal applications such as the production back-lit gaming machine displays and mirror decoration. UVGS prints on glass have superior water and humidity resistance compared to competitive products. Available as a C Mix blend scheme and process set.

Z/GL Series

Z/GL Series is a range of two pack catalytic curing inks specifically formulated for use on glass or ceramics.

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