We are pleased to announce the introduction of a range of Graphic and Textile Water Based screen inks from Colormaker Industries of Australia.
These are time proven products which will be a great asset to your operation

Permaset Aqua Textile Inks

Permaset Aqua is a ready to use, 100% solvent free water-based textile ink, designed for direct wet-on-wet printing on a wide range of natural and synthetic fabrics. The environmentally friendly formula provides intense pigment colour that is rich in coverage and produces exceptional colour yield. The resilient base holds fast during rub, wash or dry-clean while having virtually no handle on the printed fabric.
As a water-based product, Permaset Aqua is low odour and equipment is easily cleaned with water. After heat curing, prints exhibit excellent wash, rub and dry-clean resistance. Permaset Aqua performs at a higher standard, with enhanced screen stability allowing exceptional screen open time, to allow cleaner results, longer. Ideal for use on Cotton, Polyester, blends, Silk and most synthetic fibres.

*Permaset Aqua Permatone inks are now approved by the Soil Association for non-organic input to organic products [GOTS certification]*

The Super-Cover range , unlike other waterbased textile inks can print directly onto dark fabrics with outstanding results.

A first rate innovation, Permaset Aqua is the perfect textile printing ink for the broadest range of textile applications.
Colour Range;
18 Standard Colours plus 2 Whites, Black and Print Paste.
13 Super-Cover Colours plus 2 Whites, Black and Print Paste.
4 Metallic’s,
8 Standard Glow,8 Supercover Glow,
Process set (CMY+K),
Phosphorescent and Puff Bases.

Permaprint Premium

Permaprint Premium is a waterbased screen printing ink that is formulated to provide excellent adhesion on a wide range of substrates. It exhibits exceptional water resistance once dried. This makes it a highly versatile multipurpose screen printing ink that is safe for the printer and friendly to the environment.
Permaprint Premium inks are 100% solvent free, so equipment can be easily cleaned with water and solvent fumes are eliminated.

Suitable Substrates
Permaprint Premium inks are suited to printing on sealed paper, cardboard, tyvek, polyesters (mylar), polycarbonates (lexan), some coated metals and poly-styrene. Care should be taken with some vinyls as plasticizer migration may soften the ink over time. Care should also be taken with some uncoated papers as cockling may occur

Colour Range
9 Standard Colours plus Standard + Opaque Whites, Black Extender, Clear, and Matting Agent.
Process set (CMY+K),
8 Glow
4 Pearl Colours

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