History of Steve Wood Services.

Steve Wood Services was founded in 1982 when Steve Wood opted to carve his
own career, having worked as an ink chemist and print technologist for two
well known national ink manufacturers and a local printing supplies company
in the North of England.

Working from a rented office close to York city centre, the first five years
were dedicated to the supply of consumables such as inks, plates, blankets,
chemicals & sundries to the litho printers in the area. Specialities
included ink matching and supply in both small and large quantities.
Emphasis was made to supply quality “known brand” commodities which gave
customer satisfaction and required little field support.

Some products used by the litho industry were also bought by screenprinters
in the area who expressed a local need for a supplier of screenprinting

Coincidentally Steve was introduced to Les Buckley of the then Coates
Special Products who did an excellent presentation on the concept of being
the local CSP distributor, and having satisfied himself that the CSP
products were of top quality and enjoyed an excellent reputation, Steve
placed his first order for screen ink and has never looked back.

Satisfying a need for quick service on both small and large quantities of
stock products and special matchings, Steve Wood Services quickly built a
good reputation, which has carried the name a good deal further than the
local area from which the screen supplies business started, and were able to
purchase larger premises within sight of York Minster.

Working on the principle that “if it’s not substrate, we can probably supply
it!” means that the screenprinter can source a wide range of products with a
single call. Adhering firmly to the principle of selling top quality goods,
which in the end are the most cost effective in terms of results and time
efficiency, Steve Wood Services has deliberately pursued a policy to
distribute market leading products together with backup from both Steve Wood
Services and the manufacturers available when and if needed. Customers can
be sure that there is more expertise behind our goods than just the staff at
Steve Wood Services.

In need of more space (and plagued by the traffic congestion!), in April
2000 Steve Wood Services moved out of the City of York to larger premises in
the pleasant rural setting of Tockwith, which is between Wetherby and York,
and conveniently placed for easier access to local cities and major trunk

Steve Wood Services became incorporated as Steve Wood Services Ltd in
October 2003

Following the acquisition of Gibbon Printing Inks (incorporating Gibbon
Marler screen printing products) by SunChemical, and the subsequent
acquisition of Coates Lorilleux (incorporating Coates Screen) by
SunChemical, Steve Wood Services were able to supply Gibbon screen goods as

In 2007 both operations began to trade as SunChemical Screen with both well
known brand names regretfully disappearing.

Being a totally independent operation, we are not bound to any particular
supplier, consequently we endeavour to source and supply quality goods from
other manufacturers throughout the screenprinting and associated industries.

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The products, descriptions, and information contained in this publication are not definitive, are intended for guidance only, and are not to be taken as the basis of a contract in any form. Purchasers should satisfy themselves as to the suitability of any product for the application intended. We reserve the right to add, delete, or substitute products should they become unavailable or superseded. All transactions subject to our normal Terms and Conditions of Sale (copies of which are available on request and are printed on the reverse of our delivery notes).

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