Fast drying general purpose spirit cleaner. Strong solvent power, may damage some surfaces. Beware of high flammability. Sold in 5lt cans.


Aerosol cleaner. Non damaging to most surfaces. Foaming action, wipes off to leave clean surface. Contains no polishing agents. Excellent on grained surfaces like office equipment.

Barrier Creams

Comma Barrier Cream Squeezey plastic pack. Economical but not moisture proof.
Wet use barrier cream by Deb, in tubs of various sizes

Cutting Sticks for Guillotines

To suit most Guillotines Generally bought to order, minimum quantities apply in some cases, but not all. Price and availability on enquiry

Disposable Wipers

Large range of disposable wipers available, an idea of the range is detailed below;-

Paper Wipes

Usually in roll form, either centre feed for Wallbox dispensers, or unrolled from outside for floor dispensers. Products include Torks from SCA, recycled paper wipes from various manufacturers

Bonded Wipers

Generally more durable than paper wipes these do not disintegrate in water and are generally resistant to most solvents. Bonded wipes tend to leave little or no lint on surfaces wiped. Too many to list here please ask for more information

Disposable Gloves

Ambidextrous loose fitting glove for one off usage. Economical hand protection from solvents and chemicals. Sold in bags of 100. Like petrol station gloves.

Gauntlet Gloves

Elbow length heavyweight gloves for excellent protection when processing screens with stronger chemicals, and for other jobs requiring good protection.

Nitrile Gloves

Mid Length gloves in nitrile rubber. More resistant to most chemicals and solvents

Disposable Vinyl Gloves

“Surgeon style” tighter fitting gloves with good feel. More durable than disposable gloves Stocked in S,M,L,XL.sizes in boxes of 100

Disposable Latex Gloves

As above but being made of latex are more resistant to stronger solvents

Disposable Nitrile Gloves

As above but being made of nitrile rubber are more resistant to stronger solvents and feel better than the latex.

Hand Cleaners

Hand cleaners stocked include;-

  • Delmex Cream mildly abrasive hand cleaner with skin conditioners. Sold in 3.5 kg tins
  • Manista Citrus based, not agressive but effective. Contains plastic beads which massage dirt from skin without abrasion. Sold in 3 & 15kg tubs
  • Printer and Pressman Also known as “Really Works”. Contains pumice powder. Very effective. sold in 4.5lbs tins

Lik ‘n Stik Remoistenable Adhesive

Brush or screen on “envelope glue”

Linen Tester (X10)

Folding pocket magnifier, 25mm square objective area Other magnifying devices and pocket microscopes available to order please ask for information.

Magic Tape

“Invisible” adhesive tape. Available in 12/19/25 mm width rolls of 66 m

Sellotape and other adhesive tapes

In 66 mtr rolls 12/19/25mm widths in stock

Silicon Spray

General purpose anti-friction and release product. Spray onto guillotine beds to ease movement, or onto both sides of the blade when cutting self adhesive stock to reduce glue build up..

Snap-Off Blade Knives

Useful pocket knife with replaceable blade, end of blade can be detached to give fresh cutting edge.

Ultraviolet Curing Equipment

Natgraph, who are one of our suppliers, are skilled in the construction of UV curing equipment for both litho and screen-printing applications. Converting normal hot-air driers using a UV bridge is a regular job. Please ask for more details. Some pre-owned equipment may be available from time to time