6 Reasons You Should Learn Calligraphy Today

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With the pressures of modern life, more and more people are turning to creative outlets in order to have some time to themselves. Calligraphy is a beautiful method to producing art that will be appreciated by anyone with whom you show. Apart from the reason of calligraphy looking beautiful, here are our top six reasons… Read more »

A History of Invisible Ink

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Invisible ink can be split into two categories, organic and synthetic. As children, we’ve all made invisible ink from various organic substances, including lemon juice, vinegar and milk, developing them with the use of heat or ultraviolet light. Synthetic invisible inks contain chemical that require a specific ‘reagent’ in order to develop, such as another… Read more »

7 Things to Remember When Designing a T-Shirt

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The concept of designing your own t-shirt is pretty awesome, whether you’re an illustrator, designer, or just want something unique to wear at a party. The process can be a bit daunting, however, so to help you design your own t-shirt, we have 10 simple tips for designing your own t-shirts easier.