Tips for Making the Most of Your Fabric Painting

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When you decide to paint fabric with fabric paint, the most important thing to know is that it’s not meant to be removed. This can be a problem if you make a mistake, as there’s no way to undo it. This is why you should be aware not only of what you’re painting, but everything… Read more »

How to create an eye catching poster design

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Shimon Schmueli, the founder of design consultancy Touch 360 said “Design is art optimized to meet objectives”. There’s a lot of wisdom in those words. Commercial design wants us to feel and act in specific ways while remaining aesthetically pleasing.

6 tips you need to read if you’re starting your own clothing range

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Starting your own business is exciting, starting something creative is even more so. Imagine your designs on t-shirts and hoodies everywhere! However the old adage still rings true, fashion is fickle. Starting your own business is tough but if you’ve got a good idea, you’re passionate and you’re determined then you can succeed.