Graphic prints for T-shirts can make quite the impression. Today fashion designers the world over are consistently evolving in terms of a sense of style. This is evident season after season when the latest designs are showcased from leading fashion designers.

From bespoke designs to reproduction prints for a wealth of consumers to enjoy, t-shirt artwork can be mass produced or individually tailored to meet consumer demands. Here’s how you can prepare t-shirt prints to be proud of.


Having colours with a vivid hue is precisely what consumer’s desire. PMS colours are considered to lead the way in terms of t-shirt printing. By using PMS colours as opposed to CMYK and RGB colours you won’t be charged extra on colour matching.

Choose the Actual Size 

Any artwork designed for T-shirt printing should be designed to fit onto the size of the T-shirt. It’s a mistake to assume that the end-product design can be stretched to fit the T-shirt. Always measure a T-shirt print to its intended size.

Convert Text to Outlines

Tailored and bespoke fonts need to be designed so that they meet the intended outlines of the T-shirt. For this reason it’s paramount that you allow any digital design the space to view the artwork without making any modifications prior to printing. This can be completed in the design process.

Don’t Overlook Strokes

All strokes should be expanded appropriately. This allows you to expand them to properly set the colours to PMS swatches to easy manage any colour separation. The smallest mistakes will impact your design.

Use Vector Artwork

Wherever possible it’s paramount to use vector artwork. This will accurately separate the colour and have a cleaner final print.

Use Halftones

Depending on your budget or design, halftones may allow you to save the amount of printed colours. Using PMS colours you can achieve precisely what you want. Simply slide the colour scale down and you’ll manage to choose the best half tones for your printing.

Preparing any artwork for T-shirt printing is a process that should be consistently observed. This will allow you to enjoy designs of superlative quality.