One of the most underrated artistic tools (and one that’s rarely considered) is the stencil. Printable stencils have a diverse range of uses, across different mediums and canvases. From painting stencils and number stencils to scrapbooking and even airbrush designs, stencils offer a wealth of artistic designs for those with a creative eye.

Gone are the days of cheap childhood plastic stencils. Today, artists have the opportunity to completely customise stencils to their personal need. Printable stencils mean that it’s never been easier for those with creative intentions to burst forth. All you need is a computer, printer, and internet connection.

Design Stencils of Your Own

Everyone has their own individual sense of style and taste. Stencils allow anyone, anywhere the ability to create the perfect pattern for their personal artwork. The most important aspect of the design is to project the design layers and details of the image. This will give the image depth.

Using Pre-Made Printable Stencils

A great number of the printable stencils available tend to fall into distinct categories. From occasion designs like St. Valentine’s Day to Christmas, and birthdays to nature-based designs, perfect for gardeners, or cute animals for little ones, there is a wealth of designs, perfect for varying purposes. Whereas these provide great options for occasional use, pre-made printable stencils do have limitations.

How to Find Free Stencils

As mentioned earlier, online you’ll find access to an abundance of stencil designs. Doing some basic research will allow you to find the best stencils for you. Most reputable stencil retailers will have some information about how you can create your own stencils, as well as images of previously completed designs and just what can be achieved with a little imagination and dedication.

These are just a few of the different uses for printable stencils. If you haven’t used stencils before, why not give them a try – you may just find another outlay for your artistic acumen.