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There is a lot more to ink than meets the eye. With so many types, colours and uses for ink it’s not surprising that it is a vast and complicated subject. An ink chemist is someone who specialises in the science of, and complexity behind, all varieties of ink. Ink is important within many different industries so it is as important that there are people who understand the properties and workings of this versatile substance. Read more »

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If you’re used to traditional methods of screenprinting or silkscreening you might not be familiar with what’s referred to as the painterly approach. Or perhaps you’re an artist looking for more information about new mediums for your art.

Painterly screenprinting is the process of painting directly onto screens rather than printing. There are 2 methods of painterly screenprinting, both of which involve applying screen filler and inks by hand. Read more »

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Starting your own business is exciting, starting something creative is even more so. Imagine your designs on t-shirts and hoodies everywhere! However the old adage still rings true, fashion is fickle. Starting your own business is tough but if you’ve got a good idea, you’re passionate and you’re determined then you can succeed. Read more »

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Here at Steve Wood Services we think it’s important to look after the environment. That’s why we stock eco friendly inks designs for use with a huge number of substrates such as:

  • fabric
  • sealed paper
  • cardboard
  • tyvek
  • polyesters (mylar)
  • polycarbonates (lexan)
  • coated metals
  • poly-styrene

We’re able to supply eco friendly versions of inks for such a wide range of uses thanks to Permaset. Read more »

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Hi new readers! Welcome to our blog. We’re excited to start sharing industry news and opinion with you. We’ll be covering subjects such as eco friendly inks, how to start your own fashion business, tips on screenprinting and fun stuff too like the rise in paper crafting and a look at painterly screenprinting. Read more »