Here at Steve Wood Services we think it’s important to look after the environment. That’s why we stock eco friendly inks designs for use with a huge number of substrates such as:

  • fabric
  • sealed paper
  • cardboard
  • tyvek
  • polyesters (mylar)
  • polycarbonates (lexan)
  • coated metals
  • poly-styrene

We’re able to supply eco friendly versions of inks for such a wide range of uses thanks to Permaset.

How are the inks eco friendly?

Eco friendly inks are generally those with natural and renewable ingredients that have been developed to have “the lowest possible volatile organic compounds (VOC) levels” which means they won’t break down into harmful substances.

Permaset inks are solvent free which means that when they’re washed away they don’t contribute harmful chemicals into the environment.

The lack of solvents also means these inks don’t have harmful fumes which is great for the staff operating the screen printer or printing press.

Permaset’s Permatone  and Aqua ranges have been awarded the Soil Association’s Global Organic Textile Standard G.O.T.S. certificate which means they may be applied to organic fabric.

Permaset inks

Textile inks:

  • Permatone – This range consists of single pigment colours designed for mixing. Permatone inks can be mixed and colour matched to produce around 70% of the colours in the Pantone colour book
  • SuperCover – SuperCover provides outstanding coverage and colour opacity on dark fabrics. You won’t have problems with your base fabric showing through.
  • Permaset Aqua – the ink contains a special polymer that binds the colour to the fabric, producing a soft, flexible result that is also durable.

Non textile inks:

  • Permaprint Premium- This range has excellent adhesion to coated surfaces such as sealed paper, poly-styrene, polyester and cardboard.