Simply put, screen printing is the process whereby printing is passed through a fabric or webbed surface to add imagery and / or text to material. Employing the use of a stencil and a squeegee it becomes possible to transfer colours onto stencil portions of the material, creating a design that’s hard to match.

Used to great effect in the production of t-shirt, shirts and other garments, the very latest fashion trends can be used to transfer a seemingly limitless amount of designs. The increase in production cost leads to an increase in retail price, hence the reason why screen printing garments are typically more expensive than their plain garment counterparts.

Here’s a look at the top five benefits for taking the employ screen printing:

It’s Economical

Fashion design replication demands the use of the right process. Screen printing is just such a process. Combining wholesale quality with comprehensive and meticulous designs, the advantages of screen printing are evident.

Screen printing is cost-effective. This is especially important when faced with the prospect of repeatedly printing the same design. This cost-effective process enhances the opportunity to make a good profit.

Quicker Process

Compared to other methods of design and advertising, screen printing is much quicker. One advertisement has the potential to reach a vast target audience and potentially give you a welcomed return on any investment. Simple and hassle-free, screen printing give any marketing campaign a real shot in the arm.

Large Design

Screen printing is the ideal marketing tactic for those that are looking for large and notable advertisement. Consumers can choose to be creative with their design by incorporating a wealth of elements into the design to get it noticed – especially with a large design.

Wealth of Purposes

Screen printing can be employed for a diverse range of products and services. Whether you’re promoting happy hour a local bar or a new product, you’re company is about to launch, screen printing will give you the exposure you need.

These are the four primary reasons to choose screen printing. It’s obvious to state that screen printing offers a wealth of benefits for a wealth of purposes.