Calligraphy is one of the longest and most recognised forms of artistic expression. Various forms of the art have been dated as far back as before the 1st Century AD. Our ancestors scrawled designs on parchment, creative lettering in the form of lines, curves and strokes were achieved with practice. Today, these documents are revered as some of the most eye-catching examples of artwork from the ancient world.

Today calligraphy is one of the most recognised forms of artistic expression. Being instantly recognisable, many artists have translated their hobby to generate a form of income. Calligraphy can be used to illustrate practically anything. From product packaging, merchandise and billboards to signage, logos, and a wealth of additional products, the uses for this art form is vast.

Learning the Art of Calligraphy

Like any other art form, learning how to be competent with a pen requires considered practice. A number of artists choose to undertake different courses, but you don’t have to. Courses exist online and in educational institutions across the UK for people of different levels from beginner to intermediate and advanced abilities.

Once you have decided to invest your time in the art, it’s important that you buy broad tip pens, any software tools, and brushes. This will allow you to practice whenever you have the time, honing your skills. The more you practice, the more your skills will develop. It’s important to keep developing; read up on new techniques and designs, read literature and watch videos. These will all each help you grow.

Meet With Like-Minded Artists

Collective experience bonds people together, and what better way to bond with people than by sharing a pastime. One of the benefits of engaging in this ethos is that by meeting with like-minded artists. This will allow you to connect and grow as a calligrapher.

A quick search online and you’ll find local calligraphers. The other benefit of finding a group of calligraphers is the opportunities to find employment.

Have a Portfolio

Once you have a number of designs, it’s wise to start a portfolio. It’s easy and simple to start a portfolio online. And this is one of the most effective ways to begin getting paid for your designs. When you feel confident and are applying for paid work, your portfolio will act as evidence of your prowess as a calligrapher.

Once you’ve learned and developed your skills as a calligrapher, becoming a paid artist you can enjoy a fulfilling career – one that will leave you fulfilled when you’ve completed each day.